Interpreters in Guatemala

Contact in advance

Do you urgently need a translator? Please contact in a few days. The success of your event will largely depend on the experience of the interpreter. The most experienced and eminent - like hot cakes. It takes time to have time to release them from other activities. It also takes time for interpreters to immerse themselves in the topic and familiarize themselves with all the materials of your event.

The sooner you confirm and pay for the order, the more experienced interpreter we can provide you, and the more time he will have to prepare for your event.

For which events do we provide interpreters?

We provide experienced interpreters for events of any level of complexity and responsibility. Consecutive interpreting is most often used at events such as:

Do not confuse with synchronous

Consecutive interpreting is the most popular, more economical and frequently ordered type of interpreting. During logical pauses in the speaker's speech, the interpreter conveys what was said in a language understandable to the audience. Do not confuse consecutive translation with simultaneous! Simultaneous translation is translation when the interpreter speaks simultaneously with the speaker, and not in the pauses of his speech. Simultaneous translation is required at especially important international congresses, seminars and conferences. Due to the absence of pauses, the speaker gets the opportunity to hold the attention of the audience, evaluate and adjust its mood. Due to the absence of pauses, the time of the event, the time for renting premises and other resources is reduced. It is possible to translate into several languages at the same time.

Responsibility levels

Depending on the qualifications of the interpreter, interpreting is divided into:

The cost also depends on the responsibility of interpreting and the qualifications of the interpreter.

What languages do we provide translators for?

We provide interpreters who are professional in any of the foreign languages.

In which countries do we provide translators?

We provide interpreters in absolutely any country.

Rules for the provision of interpretation

Units of interpreting volume: 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month. The minimum order is 2-4 hours. The cost of interpreting includes all the time the interpreter is busy: all the time the interpreter is at your disposal (except for 1 hour for a lunch break); transport time, if together with working time it does not exceed 8 hours per day. Transport time is paid at a rate of 50% of the cost of interpretation (as downtime). The presence of an interpreter at the disposal of the customer for more than 8 hours a day and more than 40 hours a week is paid for 50% more.

For example:

The client pays any related costs:

In general, 1 hour of translation is prepaid 1 hour before the event, 1 day - 1 day, a week - a week, a month - a month. The price includes a guarantee to replace an interpreter in any unforeseen situation: illness of an interpreter, accident, work injury, etc.

The following discounts are available for interpreting (not cumulative):

Interpreter Questionnaires and Preliminary Interviews

Any of our clients worries about the quality of interpretation at their event. Many want to make sure of the professional level of our interpreters before the event and ask to provide their questionnaires or organize a preliminary interview. We are happy to meet halfway - we provide questionnaires for translators and organize preliminary interviews, but only after an advance payment or a letter of guarantee confirming the order for services.

Why do we assign translators only after prepayment? The answer is simple - until the order is confirmed, we do not know who will be sent to your event. The work of any translator is the most dense filling of his schedule. In order to securely assign an interpreter to your event, he must be removed from any others for this time. But an unconfirmed order may not take place. And if the interpreter was removed from other events, then he will get a simple one. Translators value their schedule. We value translators. Therefore, they are never assigned to an event unless it is confirmed. It makes no sense to send questionnaires and conduct interviews with translators who were not assigned to your event, because by the time you confirm the order, they may already be assigned to another event. In this case, other interpreters will be sent to your event.